Your subjective experience of life is not the same as mine. It’s impossible to explain my perception because by the time I’ve finished my sentence, it’s shifted. We have this incredible thing called language, and we want to be understood, yet the ever-changing landscape of perception means we create language shortcuts, and generalisations such as gender in order to describe our experience, which I think is a remarkable sign of intelligence.

Yet, these generalisations don’t always fit the bigger picture. My generalisation may not be the same as yours, and so there is debate. We take further shortcuts and group further to illustrate our point, labelling racism, bigotry, misogyny, and so on, yet these generalisations again have different meanings between people and as such, the debate continues and distorts further.

We can get so consumed with debating these meanings that we are never able to quite describe our experience, because it’s entirely subjective, and unique to everyone, and by the time we’ve agreed on a constant, the whole thing has shifted again, and as such the only true way to move through life with peace is to accept everyone’s experience is completely different, and to not judge their perception of reality, because ultimately the labels and grouping we put on things are rendered meaningless, and take us away from the actual experiencing of life.

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