Experiencing This Perfect, Present Moment

Take a look into the night sky, and imagine you’re the whirling swirls of infinite matter and energy flowing across the galaxy in the most mesmerising patterns, gliding through black holes, condensing into pure light and then exploding into a beautiful symphony of infinite bliss.

Somewhere in this poetic arrangement of beauty and chaos lies a small planet we name earth, a paradise full of intense atomic beauty arranged into the deepest, most vibrant colours, echos of sound, sensational smells, and textures never to be found elsewhere.

We can’t experience this for the arrangement, whilst entirely unique requires certain receptors in order to receive and feel its beauty, and interpret it in the most divine of ways. We need an interface, a vessel, what we presently feel, the
human form.

The human form can’t experience Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in the same way we can experience earth because the perfect arrangement of atoms and waves is what makes this so special. Just like a rainbow cannot exist without the rain, the sun, and the observer being in certain positions, the earth can only be experienced in the way we currently feel it.

We are born as a child with a sense of awe and wonder, eager to explore the beauty of what we currently call life has to offer. Every new experience is divine, from the amazement of pushing along toy cars, to the first glimpse of snow, to the radiant beauty of a tree.

Each human experiences the same life in a different way, from the moment they are born, to when they die. The person at the other side of the valley cannot see the rainbow. Our interactions with energy continue infinitely in the form of new birth, animals, plants, and matter. The experience goes on and on for billions of years until the narratives are exhausted, the galaxy implodes and reforms freshly to allow us to dive deep into something entirely different.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we remembered all this? Isn’t it exciting to experience new things? Yet somehow along the line we seem to have derailed our present moment by trying to re-experience distant memories, or bring order and control to an uncertain future.

This experience we are given now, this very moment, will never exist again. Everything is temporary and will pass, yet the experiences are infinite. Our choice to feel these experiences is what gives meaning to life. It’s what gives meaning to this very beautiful, perfect present moment.

We have an idea of how life is supposed to be and try to make it that way, trying to control our environment. Whether it’s reducing pollution, avoiding single use plastic, or offering support to one another. We feel intoxicated by the world around us, by the behaviour of our peers, by the state of things.

Through this disgust we take action, we try to heal the world, we want to put the rights to wrongs and bring order to the endless chaos, an impossible task. Yet, somewhere down the line we forget what experience life has to offer and finish our days stressed, fatigued, and instantly reach for the conveniences of the modern world which holds the responsibility for the destruction in the first place.

We go through our days without a single conscious breath, without observing the gentle rustle of a leaf in a wind, without stretching, without listening to our bodies, without observing our minds, without movement, without experience.

If we were just to experience what life has to offer, we suddenly surrender to its flow and before we know it, we immerse ourselves in a completely different adventure. We no longer notice the waste around us, or the thick muggy air, but the beauty of a bird gliding in the sky, the innocent laughter of a child, we feel a natural gravitation to the outdoors and our unconditional love attracts incredible souls, whilst our vibration elevates and inspires others to do so. Naturally, we connect with nature in the most deepest, profound sense and all of a sudden the quick fixes of instant, packaged convenience disappear, along with the destruction they create. Escapism ceases to exist, along with the disease society creates within our minds.

So instead of getting angry, and instead of trying to bring order to chaos, instead of the guilt and shame, choose to experience. Experience this perfect, present moment to the deepest depths of your soul, connect with your body and indulge in the unique combination of senses you have been given with. Respect your body, respect the world around us, respect the energy and instead of judging, come at life with curiosity, observing the beauty of what it has to offer. It’s time to replace the desire for control with the surrender to experience. It’s time to start living.

Life will challenge you, life will test you, life will reward you. Take each experience on a plate and go deeply, intensely into it. Whether the neighbour needing help building his garden BBQ or the friend needing a friendly ear after a stressful day, these experiences are in abundance and do not need to be sought. Bring these moments into your conscious field and pour your heart and soul into it.

Let the experiences come to you and you will soon flow, you will soon grow, you will soon experience prolonged happiness, and eternal joy.

Life is all about experience.

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