Wellbeing, Mindfulness And The SCL

I’ve realised that nothing is more important to work on than our inner world. The external things we splash out on only provide temporary satisfaction to influence our inner world.

I run a company called Ruby Datum, pioneering in Virtual Data Room technology used mostly by lawyers and corporate finance professionals to facilitate a merger, acquisition or anything transactional that requires secure document exchange and collaboration to get a deal done.

As I’ve worked quite extensively in law, I’ve started to realise just how rife it is with depression, suicide and lack of empathy. I read that 1 in 15 junior lawyers experience suicidal thoughts whilst 48% experienced mental ill-health (JLD Survey Report, 2019). 93.5% described work-related stress with almost a quarter describing it as severe/extreme.

I could not sit comfortably with these statistics, knowing very little is being done. I reached out to the SCL and my good friend Gary Waters – in addition to speaking at a few events, such as with Barclay’s Eagle Labs, the SCL “convergence” conference and with the Centre for Legal Innovation, we have been working with the SCL on a weekly wellbeing series.

I really wanted to share with you all what we have created so far. The blog posts are as follows:

Week 1: Mind, Body and Soul

Week 2: The Ultimate Life Hack

Week 3: The Cold Shower

Week 4: Where Do You Spend Most Of Your Day?

Week 5: Happiness vs Fulfilment

Week 6: What Are You Really Chasing?

Week 7: The 21 Day Focus Challenge

Week 8: How Can You Encourage Someone To Be More Present?

Week 9: Re-contextualisation – Respond Rather Than React

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